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2023 Tax Preparation

Steps to getting started:

Tax Prep: FAQ


If you are unsure if you would like to work together and want to speak in person or on the phone first please call me at (912)-532-3839. If I do not answer leave your name and a good call back number.

If you want an ESTIMATE prior to getting services, please click HERE.

If you are READY to move forward with working together please follow the steps below.


Click HERE to fill out the tax prep intake questionnaire. This will allow me to enter you into my system and create your secure profile.


Once I have received your intake questionnaire, you will received an email from the Client Xchange Portal prompting you to make an account. This is where you will upload all of your tax documents. There are folders for each document type.


I will begin preparing your return as soon as the first document is uploaded. 

You MAY receive a follow up email. This is typically me sending a request for additional documentation. Please check your email once a day while I am preparing your returns. 

Once your return is completely finished, you will receive an invoice via email. After the invoice has been paid, you will get copies of your returns. Please e-sign them and return asap. 


After your returns have been ACCEPTED by the IRS and respective state agencies, I will let you know your taxes are finished for the year. 

Please Keep In Mind:

Your return will NOT be submitted to the IRS until payment is received.

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